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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Compiling SDK for other locales and versions of the Flash Player
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 22:42:48 GMT

> * The change spans 6 commits.  Is there some reason you didn't combine
> them since all the changes were related to one "feature"?
There were 2 major features but several sets of changes and I gave each set a different comment.
The changes were checkin in an order so that they didn't break the build at any point.

> * I would have preferred that you renamed flex-config.xml to
> flex-config-template.xml so I could have easily seen what you changed and
> the version history was preserved.
I'll see. if I can fix that up.

> * flex-config now has @locale@ and {locale}.  I think your change has made
> {locale} obsolete since @locale@ could be used instead.
I change to use @locale@.

> * build_framework.xml doesn't really need the property def for locale
> since it is set in
I'll remove it.

> * I'm a bit concerned that the format of <name> in flex-sdk-description.xml changed.
This was discussed ages ago in the list and committed into the patches branch. The basic issue
is that if you have 2 SDK one compiler for en_AU and en_US you need to be able to distinguish
them in the UI having 2 SDK with the same name is confusing. Same if you compile for 2 versions
of the SDK (although the mimimum Flashs Player version does kick in).

It might be possible to add extra nodes but the existing and future IDEs would need to change
to take that into account.

I'm open to any other suggestions to how to distinguish 2 SDKs compiled for different locales.

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