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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Is it possible to use Apache Flex 4.8 when targeting Flash Player 11.4?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2012 03:59:46 GMT

> That's interesting, Justin. What did you have to change within the SDK
> to support any recent version of Flash Player?
If your interested take a look at the changes I did in the patches branch. There were no changes
to any of the SDK code to get 4.6 SDK to compile for 10.3 and up but build scrip changes.
You may run into issue with performance when compiling for mobile. When the full Mustella
test are submitted I was going to try them on each version of the Flash Player to make sure
nothing is broken.

> I guess there needs to be mechanism to select the correct playerglobal.swc depending
on the
> swf-version parameter passed into the compiler, right?
Yep. flex-config.xml also need the right target-player and swf-version set in flex-config.xml

Here's the ant script segment:

	<target name="flexconfig" depends="playerglobal-setswfversion" description="Copy the flex
config template to flex-config.xml and inject version numbers">
		<copy file="${basedir}/flex-config.template.xml" tofile="${basedir}/flex-config.xml"
				<filter token="playerversion" value="${playerglobal.version}"/>
				<filter token="swfversion" value="${playerglobal.swfversion}"/>
				<filter token="locale" value="${locale}"/>

	<target name="playerglobal-setswfversion" description="Set the swfversion to insert into
the flex config file">
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="11">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="10.2" />
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="12">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="10.3" />
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="13">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.0" />
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="14">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.1" />
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="15">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.2" />
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="16">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.3" />
		<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="17">
			<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.4" />

Feel free to have a go at changing the build scripts yourself if you want, you certainly lean
a few things along the way (as I did).

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