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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Asset / i18n resource management improvements
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 23:29:08 GMT

> IIRC, if you compiled the SWF with the locale chain ["en_US", "fr_FR"]
> and at runtime try to get a key from the fr_FR bundle and that key
> does not exist, Flex will try to get the key from the en_US bundle

This is normally done via resource chaining [1] and what you would normally do is create a
"en" locale and then an "en_AU", "en_GB" etc locales that only contain what is differences.
you then set the resource chain to be ["en_AU", "en"].

I'm fairly certain that Flex expects each locale to be in the from xx_YY and having a locale
call "en" is not possible.

So what I propose is:
1. Create path files that show the differences from en_US to en_XX use the patch/diff format
and place these in SVN.
2. When compiling generate the full en_XX local files using the patch files  via ant patch

If something new is added to en_US it will automatically get added to the other english locales,
it may not be correct initially but will enough people but it will not break the build or
cause a run time error.

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