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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: time to help test the release candidate
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 18:56:17 GMT

On 6/27/12 11 :37AM, "Dasa Paddock" <> wrote:

>I just ran the latest and the resulting
>4.8 SDK is missing swfobject.js in the templates/swfobject folder. It's
>also missing playerProductInstall.swf as compared to SDK 4.6.0. This
>means that when I create a new Flex Project based on my 4.8 SDK and try
>to run it, it fails to run since the swfobject.js is 404.
>Should these files be in the SVN trunk or should
> download them? is a bit out of date since Om's tool sort
of supercedes this.  My current thinking is I will keep the sh script
current since I use it and it issn't that hard to keep it current but I
will abandon the bat version since it is also out of date and much
hard/time consuming to keep current and it isn't clear it can be used in
many environments because vbs scripts aren't allowed. all come from
elsewhere (these have reciprocal licenses to the Apache v2 license)
optionally flex-message-common.jar and the Adobe embedded font support
jars come from elsewhere (these have priopriatary licenses, hence they are


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