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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (FLEX-61) AIR version of makeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder for Windows
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 19:10:22 GMT

On 6/8/12 2 :05PM, "Om" <> wrote:

>This is a bit confusing.  I have a few concerns, hope you dont mind
>clarifying it.
>1.  Do we really need to worry about adding support for Flash Builder 4.7
>in the parity release?  I feel it will be better if we do this in a
>subsequent release [1]

>2.  Does Flash Builder 4.7 have a release date yet?  If we attempt to add
>support for FB 4.7, wont we be tying ourselves with a timeline over which
>we have no control?

We don't have to do anything except put flashbuilder-config.xml in the
root directory.
FlashBuilder 4.6 next which I think is 4.7 will look for it.  A preview
release will go out to select
people in the near future.

We've told the FlashBuilder team that going forward Apache Flex could be
fluid and if they

want to support Apache Flex they will have to figure out how to handle the

However, if enough people care that FlashBuilder continues to work,
then, depending on the change, we might want to consider what it will do
to FlashBuilder.

>3.  Are the changes backwards compatible?  That is, can Flash Builder 4.6
>and other other IDEs work with these new requirements?

Nothing in the list is new except flashbuilder-config.xml which FB 4.7
needs because it can't expect to find expressInstall.swf in a known
location any more. 
We just requested they write down the file checks that have been embedded
in FlashBuilder for quite some time.
I discovered this list by trial and error when I first started building
the Apache Flex for Adobe FlashBuilder directory tree.

>4.  If not, we need to have Flash Builder/other IDE specific installation
>steps in the Flex SDK packager.  I thought we were not allowed to use the
>name "Flash Builder" in the packager we are building.  How will be let the
>user make such a choice then?
>5.  Will Apache Flex get early builds of Flash Builder 4.7 so that we can
>test that our packager works?  Or do we rely on Adobe/Flash Builder team
>monitor this list and pick up builds and test it internally?

the later

>6.  The wording in the README_integration_with_Adobe_FlashBuilder.txt is
>In the section: *Verifying the validity of the Apache Flex SDK*
>The first paragraph says:
>--This section applies to the Adobe FlashBuilder v4.6 which has been
>> released as well as to Adobe FlashBuilder v4.7 which is currently in
>> development at Adobe as of June 2012.--
>Further down, one of the criteria is:
>* The Apache Flex SDK version must be specified in the
>> flex-sdk-description.xml file.  The specified version must be 4.8.0 or
>> higher.

My fault.  I will re-edit the file.

I was trying to make it clear that flashbuilder-config.xml applied only to
FB4.7+.  I missed the new version check as well.
None of the other file checks are new.  They are already there for FB4.6.


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