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From Dirk Eismann <>
Subject Re: Asset / i18n resource management improvements
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 19:41:19 GMT
Hi Om,

> My proposal, is to at least show compiler warnings if other locales dont
> have matching strings for each entry in the 'master' bundle.

having compiler warnings for missing keys sounds good - but this is
maybe a bit inconsisten with the runtime behaviour:

IIRC, if you compiled the SWF with the locale chain ["en_US", "fr_FR"]
and at runtime try to get a key from the fr_FR bundle and that key
does not exist, Flex will try to get the key from the en_US bundle
(and failing that I think you get an RTE, not sure though). So no
warning at runtime but a "soft" fallback to the previous locale in the
locale chain.


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