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From Dirk Eismann <>
Subject Re: Preliminary release candidate of Apache Flex 4.8.0 (for developers only)
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 19:42:41 GMT
> Probably checkintests.
> I'm not sure the source kit has enough code in it to make a release.  It
> has enough code in it to make main.  Regardless of whether or not you
> should be able to make a release you should be able to run checkintests.

no, unfortunately not. Building main works fine, but calling release
or checkintests both fails on the same line in target mustella-setup:



 D:\dev\apache-flex\apache-flex-sdk-4.8.0-incubating-src\build.xml:1081: Basedir
 D:\dev\apache-flex\apache-flex-sdk-4.8.0-incubating-src\mustella does not exist

As mentioned, I did not checked out from SVN but downloaded the source
kit zip file from Carols URL. In this zip download
the /mustella directory is missing and that's causing the error.


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