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From Raju Bitter <>
Subject Re: [OT] HTML and Flex layouts
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2012 07:36:39 GMT
The W3C had a working group within the "Rich Web Client Activity"
named "Declarative Formats for Applications and User Interfaces".
Unfortunately the group stopped working in 2007,

The goals:
"This WG's Charter includes a deliverable named Specification of a
declarative format for applications and user interfaces (called DFAUI
in this document) and it is defined as follows:

This deliverable should be based on an existing application/UI format,
such as Mozilla's XUL, Microsoft's XAML, Macromedia's MXML or Laszlo
Systems' LZX, provided the owners of the format are willing to
contribute. The format should allow embedded program code. This
format, combined with the deliverables below and existing technologies
including XHTML, CSS, XForms, SVG and SMIL, should provide a strong
basis for rich client application development."

Neither Mozilla, nor Microsoft, Macromedia (now Adobe) or Laszlo
provided input, as it seems. And I read somewhere that the project was
stopped due to inactivity. I doubt that there was a common interest in
creating an open standard for a unified Flex/Laszlo/Silverlight
XML+JavaScript based declarative language.

- Raju

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