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From Om <>
Subject Re: Building Apache Flex SDK packager on OSX and feedback on application
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 23:44:22 GMT
On Sat, Jun 9, 2012 at 7:24 PM, Justin Mclean <>wrote:

> Hi,
> 1. Suggest we rename the application PackageApacheFlex (or
> PackageApackeFlexSDK).
How about InstallApacheFlex?.  'Package' sounds a bit vague.

> 2. AIR may not be in FLEX_HOME so modify the build script to be something
> like this:
> #Flex Locations
> FLEX_HOME=<path to flex home>
> FLEX_TASKS=${FLEX_HOME}/lib/flexTasks.jar
> #Compilers
> AIR_HOME=<path to air SDK home>
> ADL=${AIR_HOME}/bin/adl
> ADT=${AIR_HOME}/lib/adt.jar

Okay, will do!

> 3.On OSX using AIR 3.2 if you try and build you get this issue:
> packagenative:
>     [java] Native signing not supported on mac
> This is a bug with adt on OSX and that you have to move the "-target
> native" to be last argument.
> Then if you run it you get:
> packagenative:
>     [java] Found signing arguments and an AIR file as input. AIR files are
> already signed
> If you remove all of the signing argument (see below) the build works.
>        <target name="packagenative" depends="compile, certificate,
> packageair" unless="unsupportedOS"
>                description="Packages the AIR file from the build directory
> to create a native installer (exe/dmg) file">
>                <java jar="${ADT}" fork="true"
>                        failonerror="true"
>                        maxmemory="512m">
>                        <arg value="-package"/>
>                        <arg value="-target"/>
>                        <arg value="native"/>
>                        <arg
> value="${RELEASE_DIR}/${APP_NAME}.${extension}"/>
>                        <arg value="${BUILD_DIR}/${APP_NAME}.air"/>
>                </java>
>        </target>
> And I can install and run the application from the dmg. However no idea if
> that still works on windows - perhaps we need a different build target for
> each OS?

If it is an OS specific bug, then having separate targets for each OS would
be better.  Can you send me the script for MacOS?   I will merge it into
the main script?

> Some further feedback/ideas on the application:
> 4. Very minor layout issue with the browse and install buttons and the
> file path text input they are vertically aligned top not bottom or middle
> which I think would look better.

You sound like my product manager ;-)  Fixed!

> 5. I'm not sure it's entirely obvious what you need to browse to in
> application? Perhaps add "Location of Apache Flex SDK" as a label or tool
> tip to the browse text field.

Dont you see a prompt for the browse text field?

I have updated the locale string to say: "Select the directory where you
want to install the Flex SDK" in the "browse for folder" window.  I also
added it as tooltip for browse  button.

> 6. After clicking on install may be a good idea to disable the browse
> button.


> 7. Very minor. Tool tip on 5 step "Unzip Adobe AIR runtime" isn't 100%
> correct it should be using "Untar Adobe AIR runtime".

On windows, it is unzip.  To make life easier, I am changing it to:
"Uncompress" as a common alternative for both unzip and untar :-)

> 8. Loosing an internet connection 1/2 way though a download gives
> "Aborting installation" perhaps "Unable to package Apache Flex SDK" would
> be a better message? In this state if you hit browse again the step
> counters are not being reset.

Right now, when any one step fails, I abort the whole installation
process.  I am not sure if making it continue from where it left
off/errored out is a trivial thing.  It would be easier if the all the
steps are run from the beginning.

> 9. Nice if the install log window was centred horizontally when it pops up.

To the main window?  Or to the desktop?

> 10. Console log is a list (I made that change sorry) may be better if it
> was a text field so entire log and be copied and pasted.

I was planning to add a "Copy log" button that would take care of
concatenating all the strings and adding it to the clipboard.  I think
leaving it a as list should be fine.

> Thanks,
> Justin

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