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From John Fletcher <>
Subject What is on-topic? Was: Painful story...
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 09:26:18 GMT
2012/6/15 Jeffry Houser <>:
>  I don't believe I was being unfriendly.  This is mailing list explicitly
> related to building the Apache Flex SDK.  Your experiences / pains on
> building HTML apps has no place here.

+1 Jeffry.

No-one is trying to attack the OP nor the ensuing participants in the
discussion, so let's take out the personal side. Questioning what is
appropriate content for this mailing list is valid.

It's fair to say that there were many such discussions on this list
about 3-6 months ago, for example discussions along the lines of "Is
Flex dead?" Initially I was interested but later I almost unsubscribed
a number of times. I just want to be kept up to date with the main
points of development like the JIRA import, 4.8 release, how to
compile and run the latest apache Flex version, how to contribute,
general direction and feelings of the development team. To solve my
own problem I even almost suggested a "dev announcements" list or
similar where people like me could hear about the important stuff and
none of the fluff. What kept me subscribed is the fact that in the
last few months I felt the conversation increasingly narrowing to the
critical points and there was less of the sideline discussion. But how
many others like me have already unsubscribed?

This is a fairly high-traffic list. We want to attract the maximum
amount of people who are really interested in contributing to
subscribe, because I think people that are subscribed are more likely
to contribute and in particular are more likely to contribute quality
because they are in touch with the latest info. But the high-traffic
nature of the list is discouraging to people whose time is short
and/or valuable. The best way to solve this is to keep the content
highly focussed.

What is the stated purpose of this list? Currently: "This is where the
project community hangs out. This list is used to coordinate
activities and ensure we are all pulling in the same direction. This
is a high traffic list." This description is quite vague (particularly
the first sentence) and therefore permits the post that kicked off
this discussion. I would recommend tightening this description. And
the easist way to enforce it is to have a specific place to send the
non-conforming discussions. Since we have a "Flex Users" list with an
even more permissive description (essentially "to discuss Flex"), this
would seem like the ideal place to redirect discussions which don't
fit our tight description.

If people would like to participate in discussions about Flex
development AND Flex in general, then they can subscribe to both
lists. If not, just subscribe to one. Everyone is happy.


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