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From "Guthmann, Scott" <>
Subject Review after first months of Apache Flex, new guidelines and keeping Flex alive
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 21:53:33 GMT
> I have a solution for the Jira dump... forget it... move on... I can almost guarantee
that more than 60% of it is out-dated, 20% is irrelevant, 10% is ancient history, 9.9% are
actually Flash bugs, .01% is applicable to Apache Flex .... and it will take FOREVER to
> troll through all the mire to get to that .01%.
> I have a solution for the build server... everyone drop everything you're doing, get
a Mac Mini, throw it in a colo, and concentrate on building the SDK just like Adobe did it.
Getting the first release out the door is of paramount importance... once we get
> to that point - we have 'forever' to renovate.
> Rick Winscot
Rick - I bet that you are correct. I do not think the problem is that the community will have
difficulty finding bugs and adding them to the bugbase even if it is duplicate work. I think
the promise of getting a parity release out sooner outweighs the hassle of duplicating work
already done. Wading through the 30,000 bugs doesn't sound like time savings at all.

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