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From "" <>
Subject AW: Metadata containing SDKs minimal playerglobal version?
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2012 12:45:06 GMT
Aaaaaahhh ... great ... this seems to be exactly what I was looking for :-) 

With this I might even be able to create some additional validation stuff for Flexmojos :-)

Thumbs up for that point in the right direction ;-)

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Von: Justin Mclean [] Im Auftrag von Justin Mclean
Gesendet: Samstag, 30. Juni 2012 02:10
Betreff: Re: Metadata containing SDKs minimal playerglobal version?


You might want to look at the flex-config.xml file in the framework directory as it contains:

For instance you can targeting the 11.3 player like so:

<!-- Specifies the minimum player version that will run the compiled SWF. --> <target-player>11.3</target-player>

<!-- Specifies the version of the compiled SWF --> <swf-version>16</swf-version>

There a 1-1 mapping between swf version and which player global swf you need. Here's the code
form my ant patch to work out which one it may help:

<target name="playerglobal-setswfversion" description="Set the swfversion to insert into
the flex config file">
	<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="11">
		<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="10.2" />
	<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="12">
		<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="10.3" />
	<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="13">
		<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.0" />
	<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="14">
		<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.1" />
	<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="15">
		<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.2" />
	<condition property="playerglobal.swfversion" value="16">
		<equals arg1="${playerglobal.version}" arg2="11.3" />

The minimum player target level is a little artificial - for instance the minimum specified
for the 4.6 SDK is currently 11.1 SDK  however it will actually work for 10.2 and up.

There are build file changes required to get this to work for the current SDK but this was
working the patches branch a while back. I intend to reapply them to the current build once
we have a paraty release.


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