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From "" <>
Subject AW: time to help test the release candidate
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 16:36:41 GMT

Now it's time for me to give a short report.
Currently I'm trying to get Flexmojos to build with the 4.8.0. I manually created a Mavenized
form of this and changed Flexmojos to use that instead.
 Unfortunately there are a few resources that Flexmojos depends on, that are no longer part
of the SDK:

- velocity is no longer part of the compiler. Needed extra dependency to: org.apache.velocity:velocity:1.5
- air stuff no longer provided (no adt.jar). Needed extre dependency to: com.adobe.flex.compiler:adt:
- flex-fontkit is missing: com.adobe.flex.compiler:flex-fontkit:

While velocity is no problem. I simply added a new dependency. More troubeling is the absence
of adt.jar and flex-fontkit.jar. 
Without these I will not be able to build Flexmojos. Are they not yet donated to Apache, or
is refactoring Flexmojos better in this case?
(Eventually Breaking Backward compatability).

Currently I simply added the latest versions of both from Adobe SDKs to have the plugin build.
And it did build.

Currently I'm working on getting the testsuite to run properly, but I think most of the work
I'll have to do here first is getting the Maven build to work with a group-id of
"org.apache.flex" instead of "com.adobe.flex". Hopefully as soon as I have fixed this I will
be able to give some more detailed reports. 
Velo did a real good job creating testcases for Flexmojos and hence for the Flex Compiler
and SDK. I think this will be really valuable data. 
I guess if the testsuite was green and as soon as I change the SDK and it's not green anymore,
thats a pretty good probability, that something in the SDK works differently.


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Von: Carol Frampton [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2012 17:56
Betreff: Re: time to help test the release candidate

On 6/27/12 11 :37AM, "Dasa Paddock" <> wrote:

>I just ran the latest and the resulting
>4.8 SDK is missing swfobject.js in the templates/swfobject folder. It's
>also missing playerProductInstall.swf as compared to SDK 4.6.0. This
>means that when I create a new Flex Project based on my 4.8 SDK and try
>to run it, it fails to run since the swfobject.js is 404.

swfobject.js gets downloaded from google as part of the build
playerProductInstall.swf has been replaced by expressInstall.swf and it
comes from the same download

>Should these files be in the SVN trunk or should
> download them?

I am rekitting right now and will be using to test out a fix for your flex library
issue.  I will check this issue as well.


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