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From Tomasz Maciąg | Fuse Collective <>
Subject [DISCUSS] New website content
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 17:55:17 GMT
I'd like to ask for help/opinion about site map and site content. Most 
of the needed content can be used from current site [1] and open@adobe 
[2]. However there are a couple of important informations that IMO could 
be helpful especially for newcomers. Bellow is proposed site map and 
mockup [5] (not all info is on designs). I've put question marks beside 
pages that I'm not sure how to deal with (if they are needed now and, 
are we able to produce proper content for them). Any help regarding 
those will be much appreciated.

1. About:
     - What is Flex, content from open@adobe [2]
     - Supporting platforms
     - Features (?)
     - Showcase (?)
     - Resources (?)

About page should have Features and Showcase pages but I'm not sure what 
to put here.
For features I was thinking about something like on [3]. We can't use 
those texts directly but I'm willing to rewrite them. Is that enough in 
terms of features, what do you think? Maybe someone has flex related 
text content from clients presentations or company offer that could be 
helpful here?
Resources - links to paces where you can find useful information about 
flex (tutorials, manuals, documentation, blogs, books). There are a lot 
of useful information on adobe [4] and flex dev center [5] that could be 

2. News (?) - ontent from current site
New addition to structure that is absent in designs.

3. Get started (Download SDK, Learn, Get Involved, Community) - example 
content in mockup [6]

4. Learn/Wiki (link to Wiki)

5. Community:
     - Get Involved - content from current site
     - Team - content from current site
     - Mailinglists - content from current site
     - Social media (Twitter, Google)
     - User groups (?)
     - Events (?)

6. Downloads - content from current site
     - Download SDK
     - Source access (svn/github mirror/etc.)
     - JIRA

7. Apache Software Foundation (links to apache)
     - Website/About ASF
     - Donations
     - Sponsorship
     - Security
     - Thanks


Tomasz Maciąg
Fuse Collective

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