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From sathyamoorthi <>
Subject Re: [OT] HTML and Flex layouts
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2012 04:28:44 GMT

     Thanks for your reply Justin.

> HTML and Flex have totally different layout systems. (Flex is multi file/component based
for starters). If you layout out HTML in a grid/column like use one the frameworks out there
to help you do it, 960 Grid ( is a good example.
         I am having different view on this one. Why should we use 
different JavaScript frameworks for each task. Instead, if it is being a 
property of HTML that would be nice. Why don't Apache / Adobe propose 
HGroup, List, Grid, Tree and some other useful controls to W3c. It is 
time for HTML5 evaluation. It is evolving now. Why should we waste our 
Flex knowledge.

         I am bit confusing. What is meant by different layout systems? 
Can't we achieve this.

         <group>   <div>
             <horizontalLayout> <horizontalLayout>
             <group></group>         <div></div>
             <group></group>            ===>         <div></div>
             <group></group>         <div></div>
         </group>     </div>


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