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From sathyamoorthi <>
Subject Re: [OT] another future of Flex talk
Date Fri, 22 Jun 2012 18:40:49 GMT
Hi All,

     Same time last week i posted an email subjected "Painful Story..." 
which create some panic and some good discussions as well about how to 
use this mailing list. Finally someone came out with good point to 
mention the subject line with *[OT]*. This email is "*Off Topic*" and 
not related to development of Apache Flex SDK (and off-course i really 
don't know about Jenkin build and lot more what you are discussing). But 
i want to follow this mailing list to get latest update regarding flex.

     And thanks Justin for the PPT. If someone doesn't know about what 
happens to flex for past 10 months, it will be a quick reference. I hear 
about spoon lot more times. But your one picture explained me what is 
their contribution to flex. As per your picture, they are going to give 
most of the contribution for flex in future.

     I am not so good like Justin and other PPMC members in this list 
regarding programming experience. So i am always having lot of 
questions? That looks clever to me. But it might be silly to you :-) . 
But anyhow that should be asked and get clarified.

     I have already told in my 'Painful Story..' email, i tried to 
create a lay-out which is similar to our Flex's HGroup / HBox's 
functionality and difficulties i am facing with width=100% is not 
calculating similar to flex. I inspected lot of websites, who are all 
having similar layouts. Everyone specify a static width and leave some 
space empty (we can set full width using javascript). After spending lot 
of time in Google search, finally i found a way to do it. If anyone 
wish, i will share my code somewhere else (Because no HTML codes here).

     I did that using *display:flex and box-flex* css properties. You 
could read it in the following links.


     And unfortunately they give 'flex' name to a single property. I 
should tell them real Flex can do better than their HTML (to smile not 
to discuss).

*Some questions to Adobe (i hope some Adobe people might listen this):*

                     1.I saw in ** that, adobe 
proposing lot of new stuffs to W3c like CSS Regions, CSS Shaders, CSS 
Exclusion, CSS Compositing, CSS Transforms etc.But why they didn't 
propose these things (HGrop etc) to W3C for better layout. Because the 
samething still in proposal state in some other name as i mentioned 
earlier. You guys are expert in layout and in controls. You have vast 
experience in this area and you have already succeeded in this. Why you 
should not propose them to W3C?

                     2.As per your recent proposals to W3C you are 
trying to concentrate on screen-magic in HTML5 like what flash did in 
last decade. But as per my web knowledge proper lay-outing and controls 
are also more important.

                     3.This question might be really stupid. But i 
thought in this way sometime.  Is it tough to replace Flex UIComponent 
with HTML5 Canvas and create a new JavaScript framework?
I know UIComponent is the heart of Flex. If we replace that alone with 
HTML5-Canvas everything else will be just a code conversion from 
Actionscript to JavaScript.We will definitely face browser compatibility 
issues.  But already adobe is working with chrome-webkit. Mozilla and 
Safari are updating themselves very quickly. IE alone might give some 
trouble.  But they too mingle with the crowd using their IE10.

                  Why don't Apache think about it. Why we should 
restrict our knowledge only with flex. Why don't we take our flex to 
next level. I am not speak about ActionScript to Javascript code 
conversion tool. It is about building future web with existing knowledge.

                 And another question, If small devices get same kind of 
hardware support like nowadays desktop after 4 years, will Apple enable 
Flash in thier browser? If so, then everyone will start run behind the 
Flex.Until this forum keep Flex healthy and live.

                 Why i always wrote lot of things here, this email list 
having lot of PPMC members who are all expert and part of big 
organizations. Those organizations only decide the web. All we need one 
standard non-confusing code base.

                 I hope i did my part. Happy weekend !!!!!!.


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