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From Jeffry Houser <>
Subject Re: Painful story...
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2012 19:17:32 GMT
On 6/15/2012 2:28 PM, Doug McCune wrote:
>> I agree there is benefit to debating various options and alternatives.  I
>> disagree that this list is the place for such discussions, as such
>> discussions are unrelated to the development of the Flex SDK.
> I guess my concern is that the people contributing to the Flex SDK will
> essentially put heir head in the sand when it comes to alternative tech.
  Looking at the list of Flex Contributors / PPMC Members; I do not 
think that is a concern worthy of your time.  I'd consider many of them 
as technologists who have a strong breadth of experience well beyond Flex.

> Additionally, I think the core SDK
> contributors should consider it part of their "job" to educate the wider
> community and be able to intelligently articulate the pros and cons of Flex
> (layout being one of those items), which inherently requires an
> understanding of the alternatives to Flex.
  My "Job" is to run a business that builds custom software for varying 
  My participation in Apache Flex is only tangentially related to my 
job.  It is, in essence, something I do in my spare time.  With a few 
exceptions, I do not believe I am unique in that.
  I do not want to spend that "Spare" time educating people on the pros 
and cons of Flex.  If others do; more power to them.

> As another semi-unrelated example, which I think is very appropriate for
> this list: Apple just announced a new layout model and list collection
> stuff in iOS 6. From what I understand, this is *very* much like using
> DataGroup and item renderers in Flex. It supports virtualized elements,
> custom layouts, etc. The way in which this is implemented should be
> well-understood by anyone working on the Flex SDK. I'd hope that this forum
> would be a good place to have that discussion.

  If you want to compare contract the iOS 6 approach with the Flex 
approach; with the intent of modifying the Flex SDK in some manner; then 
I'm all for it.  If you want to dissect the iOS 6 approach just for the 
sake of learning or understanding; this list is not the place for it.  
If you want to do a compare/contract of iOS 6 approach and the Flex 
approach just for the fun of it; this list isn't the place for it.

> But
> I really want to avoid any kind of blanket "this topic is inappropriate for
> this forum" response unless the topic *really* is inappropriate.
  Well, as this is a moderate-to-high traffic list; I do want it to not 
become a general purpose purpose list.
  If it doesn't relate to development of the Apache Flex SDK; take it 

  There is a user list, which I presume, will be a bit more liberal in 
it's focus.

Jeffry Houser
Technical Entrepreneur
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