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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [jira] [Commented] (FLEX-61) AIR version of makeApacheFlexForFlashBuilder for Windows
Date Sun, 10 Jun 2012 05:15:01 GMT

> Yes, somewhere outside of trunk in Apache Flex SVN.  Where did we put the
> whiteboards?
Whiteboards are outside the trunk - but they are "play" areas and probably not the best place
for this. 

My preference would be either in a separate folder in the current SDK (like mustella) or at
the same level as the trunk (like the whiteboards).

Either something like (viewvc URLs for convenience)

Having it inside the trunk makes it more easily branched and tagged which is an distinct advantage.

>  Can we get a sibling folder called utilities?  But the AIR
> file should be posted on the wiki where we advertise releases.
Anyone who want to use FB will likely need to use this so it needs to be highly visible.

> People outside of Adobe already have a prerelease.  Another is due out
> shortly with some changes to better support Apache Flex releases.

Off topic I know but I been involved with pre releases before, I'm an ACI (Adobe Certified
Trainer), an ACP (Adobe Community Professional) and fairly active on this list and it's the
first I've heard about it. I've no idea if anyone else here is on the prerelease (and I know
they couldn't say if they were) but perhaps you could suggest to suggest to the FB team that
they might want to involve Apache Flex community and committers a little more. 

I assume the FB team are aware of the IDE packager application and that it may make their
life a lot easier?


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