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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: [MENTOR] forked Apache projects - Batik and Velocity
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2012 15:17:21 GMT
I think you are on track here. It is understood that there is a lot to do to make an Apache

What would be helpful would be to discuss these patches/forks with each project to find out
if there is interest. Who knows there may be some synergies found.


On Jun 8, 2012, at 10:36 AM, Alex Harui wrote:

> On 6/8/12 8:28 AM, "Carol Frampton" <> wrote:
>> I've removed all the jars from the source.  I just updated the older Apache
>> copyright headers to Apache v2 copyright headers.
> That seems right to me.  Batik and Velocity might be grandfathered, but our
> fork is definitely releasing after 2006 as described in [1]
>> That leaves me with a bunch of files which are still being flagged by RAT.
>> In the batik project there are a bunch of .java, .mod (SVG Text Module) and
>> .dtd files which have the following copyrights:
>> Copyright 2001, 2002 World Wide Web Consortium or
>> Copyright 2001, 2002 W3C (MIT, INRIA, Keio), All Rights Reserved.
>> In the batik NOTICE file I see this:
>> This software contains code from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for the
>> Document Object Model API (DOM API) and SVG Document Type Definition (DTD).
>> Should I remove all the copyrights in the files and replace them with Apache
>> v2 licenses?
> I'm pretty sure answer is no.  This is third-party works as covered in [1].
> We don't have to make RAT run clean, whatever it does find must be clearly
> in Category A or B.  I wish RAT had some filter for that, and maybe I will
> put one together if I find time.
>> Do I pull the contents of the batik and velocity NOTICE files up
>> to the Flex top-level NOTICE file or is it enough to put the NOTICE file for
>> each jar next to it with the appropriate name for the jar?
> I think we copy the NOTICE files into the top-level.  In the source distro
> before you build, there are no JARs, right?
>> There are also README and some other text files and Java manifest files
>> without copyrights.  Are those exceptions?
> If we can put Apache headers in without breaking something, we probably
> should.
>> If so, I wonder why RAT doesn't
>> know the .mf file type.  I know that there is suppose to be a LICENSE and a
>> NOTICE file in the META-INF directory of each jar.
>> Carol
> [1]
> -- 
> Alex Harui
> Flex SDK Team
> Adobe Systems, Inc.

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