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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Preliminary release candidate of Apache Flex 4.8.0 (for developers only)
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 23:13:42 GMT

> New kits posted to which
> should clean up the mess I made in yesterday's kits.

The binary/non source SDK gives (not unexpectedly) the following error when imported into
Flash Builder and used in a project.
unable to open '/Users/justinmclean/Downloads/apache-flex-sdk-4/frameworks//playerglobal.swc'

playerglobal.swc is required for the compiler to run and not just build the compiler. Probably
best to add this to the REAME so it's clear for people who just want to use rather than compile
Apache Flex.

I not sure that an environment variable is the best to indicate the path to playerglobal.swc
but it shoudl be placed in prescribed place in the SDK folder. Why? Well if you have multiple
versions of the Apache SDK configured in Flash Builder which use different versions of playerglobal.swc
it going to make life a little difficult.

Anyway once that issue is sorted I was able to compile and run a large enterprise style application
using the SDK - yea! The are some layout issues (overlapping buttons) which I assume are due
to the font issue. (Perhaps this needs to be noted in the README?)

One things that's a concern is that I noticed the compilation taking longer with 4.8 than
4.6. I'll do some timing later in the day.


PS Any chance future zips could have a pre release version number in them rather than just
4? It could get confusing fast.
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