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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: AW: [MENTORS] Binary Files
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 14:08:47 GMT

On 5/31/12 9 :22AM, ""
<> wrote:

>"Having a similar setup for Flex would be ok IMO: download binaries from
>trusted sources by default, but allow people to supply their own binaries
>if they want."
>It would also make the step of mavenizing a SDK release obsolete. I would
>definitely vote for this (If I'm allowed a vote) ;-)
>I too would suggest to avoid binary dependencies. The problem is that
>Adobe patched quite a lot of Jars so substituting them with the default
>ones doesn't seem possible. And Adobe even stated that they will not
>publish their changes as the changes are far too ugly to be published.

I believe you are talking about the velocity, batik and xerces changes.
The source of all these changes will be in the Flex src kit so the
modified jars are build as part of the Flex build.

>So mabe it is neccesary to distribute some libs in binary form, but I
>would assume that it would be better to check if it is actually nessecary
>to have patched versions at all ... I would assume that these patches
>were needed because of bugs in the third party modules and are eventually
>fixed or adobe used them third party libs wrong (Just an assumption).

>From my brief look at the changes it looks like we added some extended
functionality which the devs didn't believe were general purpose enough to
be contributed back to Apache.


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