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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Preliminary release candidate of Apache Flex 4.8.0 (for developers only)
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 22:55:27 GMT

I happened to have spent the afternoon working on Apache Flex integration
with FlashBuilder for the next release of FB.  So I don't know what your
particular issue is but I do know that you're going to have to combine the
SDK with the AIR Integration kit and playerglobal.swc if you want it to
work.  You don't need environment variables.

What you have to do is unzip the Apache bin kit.
Get the AIR Integration kit and unzip it right on top of the Apache kit so
that the root directories line up.  Ie the bin directory in the AIR kit
dumps its files in the flex bin directory, etc.
Get playerglobal.swc and put in it

Edit frameworks/flex-config.xml and replace {playerglobalHome} with
Edit framework/airmobile-config.xml and air-config.x and remove all
instances of the {airHome} token.  The correct path is

The FB team will be providing a script to do this.


On 5/10/12 6 :38PM, "Om" <> wrote:

>> I was trying to be generic.  Rename whatever playerglobal swc file you
>> have to playerglobal.swc.  Depending where you download it from the
>> original name differs.
>That's what I figured, but it took me a while to get it :-)  Maybe you
>should call it playerglobalXX_X.swc to  make it clear.
>> >
>> >
>> >I am working with the bin version.  I have set the PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME
>> >environment variable, but I am getting this error:
>> >
>> >*unable to open 'C:\p\flex_os\4.8_rc1\2\**frameworks\C:\p\flex_os\**
>> >playerglobal\11.1\**playerglobal.swc'*
>> What are you doing when you get this error?
>1.  Flex project that I create with Adobe Flex 4.6.
>2.  Add the PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME as an environment variable and pointed to
>where I have my playerglobal.swc is located.
>3.  In Flash Builder, switch the project to compile with the new Apache
>Flex 4.8 sdk.
>4.  Clean and rebuild
>This error message appears in the Problems window of Flash Builder.
>> It looks like you have several concatenated paths.  Did you do a set in
>> command window to see what the value of PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME is?  I'm a mac
>> user but I was able to
>> follow my own instructions yesterday and get everything to build on my
>> vmware instance.  We know there is an issue with spaces in directory
>> but that doesn't look like what this is.
>This is what I get when I test it in my command window:
>This looks correct.
>Also, without setting the PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME, I am getting this error:
>*unable to open 'C:\p\flex_os\4.8_rc1\2\frameworks\\playerglobal.swc'*
>It looks like the concatenation logic is adding PLAYERGLOBAL_HOME in
>between 'C:\p\flex_os\4.8_rc1\2\frameworks\' and '\playerglobal.swc'
>instead just concatenating playerglobal.swc at the end of
>> >
>> >Also, should I have to set any environment variable when I am working
>> >the bin version?  Adobe Flex 4.6 does not need such variables to be
>> >manually created.
>> Adobe Flex was shipped with the AIR integration kit and playerglobal.swc
>> in its directory structure.  Apache doesn't allow that unless the
>> are all compatible which as we all know they are not. The Adobe pieces
>> considered build tools and are prerequisites that you need to install.
>> Apache wants to make it very clear to people what code has an Apache
>> license and what code is considered third-party.
>Got it.  Thanks!

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