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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [MENTORS] Handling Adobe Binaries
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 21:29:28 GMT

On 5/2/12 2:24 PM, "" <> wrote:

> That doesn't really matter... it's not my question, whether player's API
> are written in AS3 or not :S it could be COBOL for all I care - what
> bothers me is why there is code in that library that shouldn't be there.
> And yeah, I'm getting used to the sort of answer "everyone wears their
> pants on their head, so should do you". What does it matter what other
> Apache project do, if doing what we are going to do is, well, bad. I mean,
> do you always buy a TV when you need to replace the battery in remote
> control? Because someone else does that too?
> And, which bothers me most, is that if we choose this *easy* path of
> accepting whatever there's in that library, then we can forget about normal
> ways of distributing the SDK. I can understand this as a temporary measure,
> until we come up with our own, but in the long run - this is just bad. If
> Adobe did such a crappy job at compiling that library - why do we need to
> copy it from them? Common sense says we need to either fix it, or ask Adobe
> for something to replace it... I'm not inclined to ask Adobe / don't think
> they will do it anyway / I wouldn't like them to either because I don't
> like their approach to writing code, especially not when it comes to AS...
Once we get to parity, you are welcome to fix all of this stuff as long as
you do it in the Apache way.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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