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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: [MENTORS] Handling Adobe Binaries
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 22:55:05 GMT

On 5/1/12 3:40 PM, "" <> wrote:

> Alex, why are you sure it violates anything?
I'm not sure.  

> I believe there must be a
> legal procedure to declare it a reverse engineering. I saw it done many
> times before in a similar context, and beside Oracle trying to press
> charges on Google for some superficial reason I don't know of any similar
> case. (Beside, the case with Google is really different, Oracle claims
> Google stole their implementation of their smelly J2EE, because they found
> a handful of functions with same signatures).
> Gnash exists for what would be like a decade, they implemented some of the
> functions with same signatures as there are in Flash player - and I don't
> remember / can't imagine anyone will try to sue them for that. ASDT first
> and then FDT and FlashDevelop had mock-up classes / interfaces replicating
> Flash player API for the purpose of parsing the code. Can you imagine a
> code editor for AS other than that created by Adobe being even conceivable
> if this was a real concern?
Tools have the option to get a re-distribution agreement from Adobe to
bundle Player or AIR SDKs.  But my understanding of Apache's rules are that
we can't have that kind of relationship because the license is too

> So, there are actually two options: if we actually only need the
> "outlines", then the library would be 90% smaller then it is now, and it
> would hardly have anything in common with what Adobe provides today. But if
> for any reason we need that library, then the code it contains probably has
> to go with Tamarin's license, whichever it is, because that is what it is.
> But then there's yet another option - maybe it will be easier to "make
> friends" with Tamarin and compile their code into that library? Is Mozilla
> license any better for Apache then Adobe's?
Mozilla allows re-distribution, if I understand correctly.

> (Again, I'm blur on why is that
> library under any Adobe's license since the code it contains isn't).
Not sure, but the flash.*.* stuff is probably not Tamarin
> Best.
> Oleg

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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