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From Raju Bitter <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex 4.8, playerglobal.swc versions, FP 11.x adoption, FP versions & security
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 21:16:26 GMT
Thanks a lot for your answers, Oleg.

Regarding 2), the -swf-version option
Here's the first line of output of the swfdump tool applied to a file
compiled with the 4.6 SDK:
<swf xmlns='http://macromedia/2003/swfx' version='14' framerate='24'
size='16000x12000' compressed='true' >

Here's the same line of output for an SWF compiled using the 4.5.0 SDK:
<swf xmlns='http://macromedia/2003/swfx' version='10' framerate='24'
size='16000x12000' compressed='true' >

The @version attribute and the values here refer to the SWF header
version, as described in the SWF file format specification, Chapter 2.
14 stands for FP 11.1, 11 for FP 10.2, 10 for FP 10.1

Using the -target-version option for the compiler, the FP versions can
be targeted. Therefore the -swf-version option should not be related
to the FP version (which means APIs or interfaces in the
playerglobal.swc), but to the file format SWF10.

That's at least my understanding.


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