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From Clint Modien <>
Subject Re: CI server
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 18:15:34 GMT

> On May 9, 2012, at 6:38 AM, Carol Frampton wrote:
> Agreed.  We had quite an elaborate CI setup for Flex.  If needed I can go
> dig up those scripts (most are Python I believe) at some point just to
> make sure we don't end up missing some step.

That would probably be worth doing… and if it's possible… could you also dig up the console
output for a successful build?

And if there are multiple build styles (smoke, nightly) could you also grab the console output
for those builds as well?

> The first thing I'd like to see done is to generate a build number which
> is used in build.xml and defaults to 0 for dev builds. 

Here's an ant macrodef for incrementing a build number in
can then be included by the build.xml file.

If env.BUILD_NUMBER is set by jenkins it uses that build number… else it generates it's

It also defaults to zero if a buildNumber entry does not exist in the file
or the file does not exist.

<macrodef name="increment-build-number">
			<isset property="env.BUILD_NUMBER" />
				<propertyfile file="src/">
					<entry key="buildNumber" type="int" value="${env.BUILD_NUMBER}"/>
					<entry key="version" value="${project.version}"/>
				<propertyfile file="src/">
					<entry key="buildNumber" type="int" operation="+" default="0"/>
					<entry key="version" value="${project.version}"/>
		<property file="src/" />
		<echo message="Version: ${project.version} build ${buildNumber}"/>

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