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From Tomasz Maciąg | Fuse Collective <>
Subject Website sitemap and tougths
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 11:06:10 GMT
Finally I've manage to find time and think about flex website in general 
(how I envision it and what structure should it have). I've done it now 
because I think we (at Fuse Collective) could have some available time 
for making proper designs. If you'll like the results someone else will 
still need to implement it (cut it and codeto HTML) but it should be 
good place to start. Additionally first release is coming and I think we 
could have nicer site before that. Note, that this is sitemap for fully 
functional website with all content in place. Since we probably won't 
have everything ready at the beginning the sitemap will be slightly 

Question for Adobe folks.
Is there a way we could use some content from current adobe site and use 
it on apache flex? There are a lot of texts at [1] we could use.
Or maybe someone else have content we could use or is willing to write 
them from scratch?

Sitemap below is result of my research and thinking. I'm not sure yet 
how to name certain sections so I've added different options. Let me now 
what you think.

1. About/Discover:
     - What is Flex
     - Who is using it
     - Why use it
     - Features
         Components, Set of services, Layout, Animation, Localization, 
Module loading, Compiler, Accessibility, Security (what else?)
         I'm also thinking about adding filtering by platform: desktop, 
mobile, graphics & charting, integrations, tools
     - Showcase
     - Ecosystem (partners and their products/services)
     - Roadmap
     - History

2. Get started (Download SDK, Get Involved, Learn/Documentation, 
Community/Support) - something like Drupal Get Started [2]

3. Learn/Documentation/Developers
     - Manuals (things like ASDocs, Dev Guide...)
     - Knowlage Base/Wiki (Quick Start, How to get involved, 
Installation/Configuration, Tutorials/Articles, Case studies, Faq, 
Coding Standards, License)
     - Books

4. Community:
     - Team (&how to join)
     - Get Involved (what can you do & ways to get involved)
     - Mailinglists (addresses & searcheable archive)
     - Social media (Twitter, Google)
     - User groups
     - Events

     - Download SDK
     - Source access (svn/github mirror/etc.)
     - JIRA

6. Apache Software Foundation
     - Website/About ASF
     - Donations
     - Sponsorship
     - Security
     - Thanks


Tomasz Maciąg
Fuse Collective

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