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From Brian Zaleski <>
Subject Re: Where to get older Flex SDKs
Date Sun, 06 May 2012 22:55:53 GMT
On 05/06/2012 09:01 AM, Jeffry Houser wrote:
>  I'm sorry if this is a bit off-topic; but I'm not sure where else to 
> ask this.
>  Some of you may have noticed that now redirects 
> to an Adobe Wiki on sourceforge.  I'm not sure when this happened but 
> someone on twitter guessed that it was within a week.
>  Go to Flex ( ); and 
> then choose downloads ( 
> )
>  Most download links redirect to to the original source forge Wiki 
> page.  A few redirect to a license page with no download links.
>  This question has come up on StackOverflow twice in the past two 
> days; with people asking where to get the Flex 4 SDK.

I was thinking this myself as I was looking around the other day myself 
for a couple of older ones. I've got some going back to 2.0, and would 
be willing to host, but I have no clue what Adobe would say.


Brian Zaleski

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