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From David Coleman <>
Subject RE: HTTPService woes
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 01:52:42 GMT

Oh yeah, i found it.

in the file: at line 174:

    override protected function internalSend(msgResp:MessageResponder):void
        var httpMsgResp:DirectHTTPMessageResponder = DirectHTTPMessageResponder(msgResp);
        var urlRequest:URLRequest;

            urlRequest = createURLRequest(httpMsgResp.message);
            // for some really strange reason, in THIS scope, the urlRequest object does not
            // if you try to access the manageCookies property.  Even in the FB IDE, it does
not show
            // that property available.  HOWEVER; if you debug, the object DOES contain that
            // so I am casting down to an object which is dynamic, accessing the property,
setting it to
            // false, which causes the flash player to NOT override the cookies and VIOLA!!!
            // Cookie enabled HTTPService calls.
            (urlRequest as Object).manageCookies = false;
            // end modification
        catch(e: MessageSerializationError)
            httpMsgResp.agent.fault(e.fault, httpMsgResp.message);

        var urlLoader:URLLoader = httpMsgResp.urlLoader;
        urlLoader.addEventListener(ErrorEvent.ERROR, httpMsgResp.errorHandler);
        urlLoader.addEventListener(IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, httpMsgResp.errorHandler);
        urlLoader.addEventListener(SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, httpMsgResp.securityErrorHandler);
        urlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, httpMsgResp.completeHandler);
        urlLoader.addEventListener(HTTPStatusEvent.HTTP_STATUS, httpMsgResp.httpStatusHandler);

I have tested it, using the following method:

    import mx.rpc.http.HTTPService;
    public class DebuggablePHPService extends EventDispatcher {
        public function DebuggablePHPService(target:IEventDispatcher=null) {
        protected function configureZendServiceDebugCookies(service:HTTPService):void {
            service.headers = {
                    'start_debug=1'                                                 + ';'
                    'debug_fastfile=1'                                              + ';'
                    'ZendDebuggerCookie=||084|77742D65|88432508' + ';'
//                    'debug_stop=1'                                                  + ';'
                    'debug_coverage=1'                                              + ';'
                    'use_remote=1'                                                  + ';'
                    'send_sess_end=1'                                               + ';'
                    'debug_session_id=27333395'                                     + ';'
                    'debug_start_session=1'                                         + ';'
                    'debug_port=10137'                                              + ';'
                    'send_debug_header=1'                                           + ';'
                    'debug_jit=1'                                                   + ';'
                    'original_url='+ service.url                                    + ';'

I am using zend server community edition, and this works perfectly, causing my Zend IDE to
launch in debug mode and stop at breakpoints in my php services.  Now I can work on extracting
the session from the response to the httpService when i login and then i can come up with
a way to create a static "session" that some extended HTTPSessionService can use to maintain
a header based session with a server after an initial login.

Of course now I am compiling against an Adobe flex 4.6 sdk with the rpc.swc file removed in
the compile config, and linking against a custom project made up of the rpc/src folder with
the files removed since a generic flex lib project complained about the file and
didn't want to compile the lib... (I really just hacked it apart to get to the solution finding
asap - i'm sure there were cleaner ways to modify the sdk).  I'd really like to try against
the Apache Flex SDK, but frankly i'm in a 1 month rush development and don't have much time
for experimenting (other than this session service layer which is critical).

Cheers Everyone!
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