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From Doug Arthur <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Different behaviour on click and doubleClick on UIComponent
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2012 15:48:57 GMT
On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 9:43 AM, andrei apostolache
<> wrote:
> Hi Scott,
> Is not about a new component, it's about all spark components that are
> based on UIComponent. Think for example a simple spark button, <s:Button
> click="doSomething()" doubleClick="doSomethingElse()"
> doubleClickEnabled="true" /> if you will try to double click the button
> first it will trigger doSomething() and then doSomethingElse(), while the
> expectation would be: click received (should obfuscate it for 300 ms to see
> if the user is going for a double click), if second click happens trigger
> doSomethingElse(), otherwise trigger doSomething().

The problem you have with a timer, is the speed at wich individuals
set their double click at the OS level. I've had to use that same
trick before as well, but if someone has a slower (i.e 500ms) double
click rate, then you run into the same problem of doSomething()
getting called before doSomethingElse() gets called. I'd hate to bake
that into the SDK, since there's no "standard" speed at which double
click is performed. Of course, unless we surface the ability to change
that rate, which is a valid option. Unless someone else has a better

- Doug

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