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From Left Right <>
Subject Re: flex breakdown
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 10:57:46 GMT
What is core and what is components?

There are, as of today, several developers groups involved. One working on
AIR SDK, another one works on the Flex SDK. These are quite distinct
projects, they both use the compiler and related things, but other than
that very few things in common. Compiler is a separate group too, as far as
I could understand.

There is a big project, which wasn't yet part of the SDK, but seems like it
will be - the testing suite (Mustella). I'm not sure it has to be included
with the compiler / framework by default.

Documentation. If documentation will be distributed with the projects, will
it be distributed as a single bundle for everything, or will each project
have it's own documentation? (Very often documentation takes few times the
size of what it documents).

Locales. If we are going for less size / more download options, possibly
bundling with only one locale + having additional downloads with other
locales can be a good thing.

Do we want a minimal download? It is possible to strip a lot of things from
SDK and still have it workable. For example, all AS sources - you don't
need them to build projects that use Flex framework. Apache projects must
be distributed as sources only, but no one says you can't provide binary
package for users who can't care less about the precise wording of the
license / don't want to build themselves (not under Apache license of

Do we want to provide downloads per OS? The SDK today contains a lot of
code / binaries that work exclusively on one OS but not the other. Users of
any OS have to download both, which looks like a waste.

Do we want to have an "installer"? Could be nice, especially to help
resolve some basic problems the beginners might have: check for the proper
Java, set some environmental variables, check for a bunch of other programs
we may need to run other things like archivers, flash player.

This is what I could think of off top of my head. Could be more.



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