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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Board report, "Apache internals are starting to become a problem" ?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 14:12:44 GMT

Thanks very much to Alex for submitting our board report in time at - I'd like to briefly
discuss the following two paragraphs that start with "Apache internals
are starting to become a problem", with my mentor hat on.

There might still be time to amend these statements if we want to, but
please notify if that happens, as I have
already signed off the report.

Quoting from that report:

> We submitted the software grant and code on Friday
> PM, but the secretary was unable to record the software grant before
> the weekend.  That meant that Infra couldn't import the code since they
> can only do that on weekends, and that delayed the project by a whole
> week...

I don't think it's fair to blame the secretary or infra for that - a
few hours delay in recording a code grant is certainly acceptable, and
infra requiring big svn imports to happen on weekends for minimal
disruption sounds totally reasonable to me as well.

Those big svn imports do not happen every day, so it seems ok to have
to plan them a bit in advance.

I agree that the overall delays in getting the code in svn are
frustrating, but secretary/infra is only a minor part in that IMO. And
in the meantime people can play with the copy that Carol committed
anyway IIUC.

My suggestion: tone that down a bit, and remove the secretary bit completely.

>...The same holds true for the bug database as well.  We have been waiting
> for the bug database since Feb 1.  A gating concern is that our import
> of 30000 bugs might take down the main JIRA instance.  Having distributed
> JIRA instances would scale better...

Here I agree that INFRA-4380 seems to be stalled. At some point IIRC
we discussed the alternative of importing issues via jira's RESTful or
other API, throttling to avoid putting too much load on the instance.
Has that been pursued?

-Bertrand (mostly offline in the next few days, might be slow to follow up)

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