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From "" <>
Subject Re: What about the flex/flash pro combination - no one working pure flex
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 15:30:58 GMT
You're assertions don't make sense. The base of Flex components is
UIComponent. Please look at the API and updateDisplayList on how to add
children to it.

On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 11:23 AM, Martin Heidegger <>wrote:

> Well its a rather strange conversation: However.
> The most common way to integrate Flash applications with AS3/MXML
> application is using .swc's:
> You create a swc from your Flash content that contains all the content as
> class
> (you can define the classes in Flash) and then you define the swc as
> library.
> All other AS3/MXML can then reference to your animations/ik/etc. by using
> regular classes (like regular AS3 code in Flash would).
> If you want to display that content you can use a simple FlexSprite and
> add the particular
> MovieClip as child.
> yours
> Martin.
> PS.: Thats the way it always worked and I don't think this is going to
> change?!
> On 05/04/2012 00:12, איליה גזמן wrote:
>> I don't agree with you.
>> My question is about *bugs that I found in flash builder and flash
>> professional*. In order to fix them you first most ask yourself what is
>> the
>> big picture, yes, how to manage the project?!
>> Since you are creating Apache sdk now, you most provide an answer about
>> working on flex with flash together, it is going to be part from the sdk,
>> or at least it is part of flex sdk!
>> So now I want to target you helping me find the answer, instead running
>> away from this topic.
>> And if you do that, I want to allow my help solving this problem.
>> Ilya,
>> Flex/Flash/Java/C# dev
>> 2012/4/4 Jarosław Szczepankiewicz<jszczepankiewi**<>
>> >
>>  As far as I understand You want to mix flex framework with flash pro
>>> animations in order to build games. I'm not sure that this is best
>>> combination. Flex Framework libraries (not to be confused with flex
>>> compiler that compiles *.as files into *.swf / AIR) is best framework
>>> for rich gui applications, forms / tabs /etc. It is not in my opinion
>>> best framework for gaming like angry birds / fpp. Althrough it is
>>> possible it is not the best tool for that. You can develop games using
>>> flex compiler with embeded assets from Flash Pro (using symbol
>>> libraries compiled into *.swf). And this is very good / productive
>>> combination that allows separation of desing / animators from
>>> developers, allowing debugging, strong typing, modularisation if
>>> needed, profiling (using Flash Builder), but using the flex framework
>>> only for game menu ui is not the right option with high overhead.
>>> There is Starling (but lacks ready to use gui library) and I believe
>>> that with combination of Flex Compiler is best tool in flashy /
>>> multiplatform game development that run on GPU.
>>> 2012/4/4 איליה גזמן<>:
>>>> It's not a support question, this is about the right way working in
>>>> flex,
>>>> and can you work on pure flex or not. I think that best games come when
>>>> combining flex with flash professional. And I believe that there is very
>>>> few been done in that area, and there is lots of bugs in adobe today
>>>> when
>>>> trying to work like this. So I think that flex Apache is a
>>>> good opportunity to set up new direction for flex that will have better
>>>> support with flash pro. Eventually I believe that every flash pro
>>> developer
>>>> today should use flex as his main project.
>>>> 2012/4/4 Alex Harui<>
>>>>  If you have a support question and are using Adobe Flex, please ask on
>>>> the
>>>> Adobe forums.
>>>>> On 4/3/12 10:49 PM, "איליה גזמן"<>
>>>>>  Hi, can you please take a look on my question at stauckoverflow
>>> with-flash-flex-strategy-a<>
>>>> nd-problems
>>>>> --
>>>>> Alex Harui
>>>>> Flex SDK Team
>>>>> Adobe Systems, Inc.

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