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From Williams Farias <>
Subject [Proposal] Flex Mobile in the browser
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2012 08:45:20 GMT
Hi all,

I´d like to make a proposal for next generetion of Flex development that is
to integrate the mobile navigation way and components to work in the
browsers, fixing some bugs that this integration at the moments gives.

I´m proposing that because for me the mobile navigation style is much more
interesting, intelligent and easy, in my point of view, than the
'conventional web' way. Even made for using with the hands, when you use in
the browser and with the mouse, stills great and more intuitive to deal
with the interfaces, specially with lists. The most interesting for me in
mobile navigation is the scroller for several reasons: the fact that you
dont need to position the mouse in that 20 pixels area in the right to
scroll the list (ok, they build the scroller in the mouse, but i scroll
with the device as well by clicking and dragging); the smooth movement on
the scroller, that gives a great sensation on the user; and the most
important for me: mobile devices will take the leader on the market in a
near future, thats fact, and with that interface aproach, users fell closer
to that enviroment - by simulating mobile in the browser we reduce the
distance between PC and mobile near zero!

I´m making a project now that i use (simulate) the mobile components in the
regular browser, and i prefer much more than the regular way. I did 2
prototypes to say that and listen to my clients opinion. This project
started as mobile only. When i read about simulating mobile in the browser,
i just reused ALL the components making just little ajustments as well as
camera capture. The only problems that occurs is that the fact that i
cannot use TextInput or TextArea because gives a fatal error! Well, thats a
big bug... and thats the reason for that proposal! I dont know how proposal
works on the incubator... and if i will even know if that will be aproval
or not... so please tell me more about that if possible.

Oh, i got the tutorial about running mobile applications in the browser

As you can see, he uses a TextInput! I dond know how... i send him comments
but was not answered since today! I think he was using an older Flex than
me. I using Flex 4.6. There are some strange errors too, but TextInput and
TextArea are the huge ones! Ok, if aproved, we would had to implement the
mouse scroll device to scroll the lists correctly too...


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