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From Doug McCune <>
Subject Re: flex breakdown
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 18:12:45 GMT
> - Most of Flex users don't need the sources, neither Java nor AS.

I know others have raised an objection to this line, and I wanted to offer
two points that contradict each other.

1) Having the Flex source code available when you are writing code so you
can ctrl-click on any Flex class and dive into the source, or you can step
into the source when debugging is INCREDIBLY important for people learning.
IMO you cannot learn Flex without this. I think it would be a big step
backward if the default thing people used when learning was a version  that
did not include source.

2) When dealing with continuous integration server setup and trying to
easily move from using one version of the SDK to using another (say
upgrading from 4.5 to 4.6) there is no clean, small, neatly packaged up
download that gives you only the bits you needs to do this. Those bits
would be all the swcs and all the compiler binaries needed (mxmlc, compc,
etc). Instead you have to go download the  full SDK (over a hundred megs)
and then also download the data visualization package separately, then
combine all the swcs that you need from both those downloads together
(sorry if this is different for Flex 4, I'm still using Flex 3, where this
is definitely the case). So from that perspective having a minimal package
that only included the swcs and binaries would be incredibly useful.

So those are two arguments for both cases, at least when it comes to the AS
sources. I agree that most "end users" do not need/want the compiler
sources or even stuff like the Mustella tests, etc. I'd argue we could have
3 distribution packages: default "end user" package that includes only
binaries plus all sources of AS/MXML classes, the full package that
includes sources of everything, and the binary-only package that is the
smallest version that only has swcs and binaries needed to compile Flex
apps on the command line.

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