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From Richard Oren <>
Subject Re: What about the flex/flash pro combination - no one working pure flex
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 01:17:44 GMT
For what you are trying to do it is best to not use the Flex SDK for Gaming Projects. I would
keep the projects in pure ActionScript and build your own Framework or Game Engine that your
Designers would import into their Flash Professional applications. Then they would apply the
framework code to individual graphics and animations. Then utilize those the swf assets into
the Main Game code in a pure Actionscript project in Flash Builder. That is they way I have
worked with large teams in the past and we have had no problems adding Child objects or manipulating
the timeline animations, or video content.

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On Apr 4, 2012, at 1:23 PM, איליה גזמן <> wrote:

> Thank you martin for approving my question and yet it reminds open.
> I will try to give you an example for a common task and tell me how would
> you implement it.
> Lats say you need to represent a friends list in your application, and lats
> say you got 54 friends in your list. The list appears below the game screen
> where all the action take place.
> This is how I would do it:
> - Create new flex project: MyFlexGame;
> - Create game component: var FlexGame:Group;
> - Create friend list: var myFriensList:List;
> - Create item render for myFriendsList: var MyFriendItem:ItemRenderer;
> - Create new Flash Professional cs5.5 project: MyFriendIconFlash
> - Create some nice animation for image icon, that also contains user name
> with cool font and animated mouse over effect
>  put it all in MovieClip: friendIcon:MovieClip. Then I will convert this
> movieClip to *UIMovieClip *by hitting *command *and *convert symbol to flex
> component,* then I will set export settings for my class(can be your
> own implementation) to GUI.FriendIcon:*UIMovieClip *and export the project
> to MyFriendIconFlash.swc
> - In flex I will put the MyFriendIconFlash.swc to my library folder witch
> is linked to the project this will give me access to GUI.FriendIcon with I
> will put in myFriendItem:ItemRenderer mxml(it will also give me a preview
> in design mode)
> - Create new Flash Professional cs5.5 project: BlackBoxGame
> - create MovieClip blackBox, convert this movieClip to *ContainerMovieClip *by
> hitting *command *and *convert symbol to flex container, *add
> FlexContentHolder symbol to that object(it will be the place where flex
> content will be inserted), then as before set export settings(GUI:BlackBox:*
> ContainerMovieClip*) and export swc file BlackBoxGame.swc
> - In  FlexGame:Group mxml add blackBox like this:
>        <GUI:BlackBox id="myBlackBox">
> <game:MyFriensList id="myFriendList" itemRenderer=""/>
> </GUI:BlackBox>
> Done!!!
> I assume that it would take me 20 minutes to complete this task, what about
> you?
> Is it worth thinking about the Flash professional when building Flex Apache
> SDK?!
> 2012/4/4 Martin Heidegger <>
>> On 05/04/2012 00:30, wrote:
>>> You're assertions don't make sense. The base of Flex components is
>>> UIComponent. Please look at the API and updateDisplayList on how to add
>>> children to it.
>> Flash components are usually not resizable/layoutable which is why I used
>> FlexSprite[1].
>> Its a basic approach ... of course more complex ones are available.
>> On 05/04/2012 00:30, Stefan Horochovec wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> Apache Flex work on SDK, and dont work in any IDE for development.
>> I think the question is still valid: making the Flex SDK usable with
>> different systems
>> is a good idea... thinking about it is a good idea.
>> yours
>> Martin.
>> [1]**FlashPlatform/reference/**
>> actionscript/3/mx/core/**FlexSprite.html<>

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