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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject [WEBSITE] Structure was: flex breakdown
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 05:01:04 GMT
The former mailing list entry completely went out of focus in, I created 
therefore a issue related to [1] to which people can vote for or not.

So: Back to focus: Structuring the website. The homepage is an 
introduction, a explanation of whats going on, I thought following breakdown
was reasonable:

   - Toolchain (Compilers, asdoc, Mustella, ... )
   - Core-Libraries (UIComponent, Binding, etc.)
   - Components (DataGrid, HBox, VBox, etc.)

to explain how things are going on. Upon further thinking: AS3 code that 
is _required_ for the compiler to make sense (UIComponent & Binding mostly)
should be part of compile process. And libraries like 
Mustella/automation can be seen pretty separate from all the 
MXML/component stuff. So I thought
maybe this makes more sense:

   - AS3/MXML Core tools (Compiler+AS3 code necessary to compile 
swfs/swcs from AS3/MXML)
   - Libraries (Libraries with no (few) dependencies - like 
   - Components (DataGrid, HBox, VBox, etc. Highly dependent code part 
that require many parts of the system to wor

Again: All this is about structuring the information on the Flex SDK, it 
is not necessarily bound to how we deploy that (can still be this one, 
big, zip file)



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