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From Martin Heidegger>
Subject Re: What about the flex/flash pro combination - no one working pure flex
Date Wed, 04 Apr 2012 15:23:47 GMT
Well its a rather strange conversation: However.

The most common way to integrate Flash applications with AS3/MXML 
application is using .swc's:

You create a swc from your Flash content that contains all the content 
as class
(you can define the classes in Flash) and then you define the swc as 

All other AS3/MXML can then reference to your animations/ik/etc. by using
regular classes (like regular AS3 code in Flash would).

If you want to display that content you can use a simple FlexSprite and 
add the particular
MovieClip as child.


PS.: Thats the way it always worked and I don't think this is going to 

On 05/04/2012 00:12, איליה גזמן wrote:
> I don't agree with you.
> My question is about *bugs that I found in flash builder and flash
> professional*. In order to fix them you first most ask yourself what is the
> big picture, yes, how to manage the project?!
> Since you are creating Apache sdk now, you most provide an answer about
> working on flex with flash together, it is going to be part from the sdk,
> or at least it is part of flex sdk!
> So now I want to target you helping me find the answer, instead running
> away from this topic.
> And if you do that, I want to allow my help solving this problem.
> Ilya,
> Flex/Flash/Java/C# dev
> 2012/4/4 Jarosław Szczepankiewicz<>
>> As far as I understand You want to mix flex framework with flash pro
>> animations in order to build games. I'm not sure that this is best
>> combination. Flex Framework libraries (not to be confused with flex
>> compiler that compiles *.as files into *.swf / AIR) is best framework
>> for rich gui applications, forms / tabs /etc. It is not in my opinion
>> best framework for gaming like angry birds / fpp. Althrough it is
>> possible it is not the best tool for that. You can develop games using
>> flex compiler with embeded assets from Flash Pro (using symbol
>> libraries compiled into *.swf). And this is very good / productive
>> combination that allows separation of desing / animators from
>> developers, allowing debugging, strong typing, modularisation if
>> needed, profiling (using Flash Builder), but using the flex framework
>> only for game menu ui is not the right option with high overhead.
>> There is Starling (but lacks ready to use gui library) and I believe
>> that with combination of Flex Compiler is best tool in flashy /
>> multiplatform game development that run on GPU.
>> 2012/4/4 איליה גזמן<>:
>>> It's not a support question, this is about the right way working in flex,
>>> and can you work on pure flex or not. I think that best games come when
>>> combining flex with flash professional. And I believe that there is very
>>> few been done in that area, and there is lots of bugs in adobe today when
>>> trying to work like this. So I think that flex Apache is a
>>> good opportunity to set up new direction for flex that will have better
>>> support with flash pro. Eventually I believe that every flash pro
>> developer
>>> today should use flex as his main project.
>>> 2012/4/4 Alex Harui<>
>>>> If you have a support question and are using Adobe Flex, please ask on
>> the
>>>> Adobe forums.
>>>> On 4/3/12 10:49 PM, "איליה גזמן"<>  wrote:
>>>>> Hi, can you please take a look on my question at stauckoverflow
>>>>> nd-problems
>>>> --
>>>> Alex Harui
>>>> Flex SDK Team
>>>> Adobe Systems, Inc.

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