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From Greg Reddin <>
Subject Re: Board report, "Apache internals are starting to become a problem" ?
Date Fri, 06 Apr 2012 01:50:02 GMT

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On Apr 5, 2012, at 7:19 PM, Igor Costa <> wrote:

> Alex words are not bound directly to any person, but the lack of infra
> people who are in charge of doing supposed stuff.

While I agree to an extent it is imperative for us to understand how apache works. The problem
with lodging complaints toward anything at apache is we don't really have a voice unless we
are doing something to fix the problem. If someone comes on this list and starts complaining
about what we don't have done in 3 months we point them to svn and Jira and say "patches welcome".
You're mistaken if you think infra is much different. The difference with infra us that it
takes a lot longer to build enough merit to gain trust. This is not because they are a closed
club, but because they've had too many people come in and start something then leave then
to support it. It's part of the culture around here. The fact that it's a mostly volunteer
org instead of a corporate org is part of what makes apache great. Unfortunately the way infra
is run is a side effect of that. 

Perhaps companies like Adobe could donate the money for an extra FT infra contractor along
with their projects? Just a thought. 
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