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From Mike Chambers <>
Subject Re: bay area folks and flash
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 16:26:43 GMT
Again, please don't mischaracterize what I said. 

> 'If you want to continue to earn a living, you MUST get your
> head out of the sand and learn about HTML5.'"

We said it is in your interest to be aware of the capabilities of HTML5 because your clients
are probably going to ask about it.

> I humbly disagree with you. HTML5 is not the answer or an alternative for
> Flash. It has major cross browser issues, bogs down on basic animations
> when it works and it renders and behaves differently in every browser.
> There's no substitute. Effectively, you're abandoning your Flash and Flex
> developers and their clients. What are we supposed to do? HTML5 is not the
> answer.

We didnt say you HAD to use HTML5. We said increasingly this stuff would be done in HTML5.
Regardless of the technical merits of the technology, this is the reality.

We also said if you wanted to continue to use Flash doing what you do today, you could.

> When you say "we're not going to talk about Flex anymore", "HTML5 is a
> better long term choice than Flash",

Sigh... again, we didnt say HTML5 was a better long term choice then Flash. Again, we did
say that the reality was that a lot of the stuff that has traditionally only been possible
via Flash, is going to be increasingly possible in the browser HTML5, and that increasingly
it will be done via those technologies.

We didn't say you HAVE to use HTML5, and we didn't say HTML5 better. If you want to ignore
HTML5 and pretend that its going to be a complete failure and not be widely use, that is your

mike chambers

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