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From Tink < >
Subject Re: What about the flex/flash pro combination - no one working pure flex
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2012 06:55:32 GMT
I don't think the SDK needs anything special to allow this, Flex is  
Flash after all.

I've built a few games on top of Flex, as Flex has the components I  
required for the other screen outside the game itself.

I usually extend UIComponent, embed or load the SWF created with Flash  
Professional, and make sure the main MovieClip in that SWF implements  
and interface so the Flex app can communicate with the game itself.  
Use the usual invalidation inside this component to set vars on the  
inner SWF or resize it etc, and listen for events.

Then create a navigator, throw in all the different views required,  
and the game view above, and your good to go.


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