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From Aaron Miller <>
Subject RE: Flex and names spaces in MXML
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2012 03:01:56 GMT
For what it's worth, I see nothing wrong with "excessive" use of names paces. I would actually
argue this is a good thing. It makes the code more clear and concise in my opinion.

I think it just comes down to a matter of preference, and probably has a lot to do with how
Flex is used. Even for relatively simple projects, I will create a custom component set with
their own name spaces. I also have projects that use MXML without touching a single class
in the Flex framework. For me, the value of Flex isn't in it's component set, it's the constructs
it provides for creating a solid application architecture. MXML works great for for me how
it is now.

All the Best,

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