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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Flex and names spaces in MXML
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 22:23:37 GMT

> Now imagine you decided to put framework code forcefully into default
> namespace - you prevented everyone from using that namespace even though
> they might not be using the framework.
Not quite correct. They could use the names space and name it something else. I think it could
be smart enough to only add the default names spaces if they were not already defined or their
names used.

>  You cannot really avoid doing it because of the tools that work with MXML are built
on top of tools
> that work with XML, and if MXML breaks some basic XML rules, the tools will
> stop working.
Yep it would involve changing the compiler (both MXML and perhaps ASDocs) what other tools
work with MXML other then various IDEs I guess? "old" style MXML would still be a valid option
which any new feature it may take a while for the IDE's to catch up.

> The only reason for using MXML, really, is that there are tools for working
> with XML, so you have prerequisites. But, really, if anyone was about to
> break the compatibility with XML
The root names space could be added by any tool (or by hand if required) so I don;t see the
need to move away from XMML all together. Still an interesting idea about making another templating
system that's not XML based. 


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