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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][FLEX-7] package "org.apache.flex"
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2012 12:16:52 GMT

On 3/31/12 8 :03AM, "Jeffry Houser" <> wrote:

>On 3/31/2012 1:06 AM, Martin Heidegger wrote:
>>  1) Keep the current package names in the first Apache Flex release 4.8
>>  2) Change the package names in the first major Apache release 5
>  In terms of version numbers; I didn't think anything was decided.  I
>understood there was a chance Adobe could continue the Adobe Flex 4.x
>line for support reasons; and we probably want to avoid any duplication
>of numbers.

Currently, and things could certainly change, as we well know, Adobe is
planning on 4.6.x, if they have to do any more releases.  I'd also reserve
4.7 for them, just in case.

I believe the question that was never resolved was should our first
release be

Apache Flex 4.something, perhaps 4.8
Apache Flex 4.6 since the intent is to be equivalent
Apache Flex 1.0

or something else?

fyi: In the code that is about to come into the repository I changed the
name to Apache Flex but left the version at 4.6 since I knew this question
was not resolved.


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