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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex namespace and build script changes
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 19:18:38 GMT
Unfortunately we haven't donated the asdoc directory yet but I just looked
in the mpl kit which I downloaded awhile ago from the Adobe site and the
asdoc directory appears to be in there.  If you take a look at the
build.xml file in the asdoc directory you will find all the path info.

I just updated this file yesterday for Apache so I can tell you that the
one difference is that there currently aren't osmf sources in the Apache
build so you need to comment out the line which includes the osmf sources
and add an external library path to the osmf swc. This will resolve the
osmf references but any osmf reference links will be dead links.

Since I have a mac I discovered that there are some issues when building
on a mac.  The pages are generated correctly but the banner at the top is
empty.  It should have the class name on the left and  the links to
Properties, Methods, Skins, Styles, Events etc on the right.  The doc
person who manages Adobe's Asdoc pages told me Adobe always builds ASdoc
on Windows.  He remembered hearing there were some issues on the mac but
he didn't know what they were.


On 3/14/12 2 :34PM, "Peter Ginneberge" <> wrote:

>>My inclination would have been "asf" rather than "a" but I am sure many
>>others have opinions.
>Was thinking about "asf" or "af" myself.
>>FlexBuilder uses fat swcs which include the Asdocs for that component.  I
>>just realized yesterday that this is something I/we will have to deal
>>once we get all the code donated.  Here at Adobe, the fat swcs were
>>generated on the production build machine which has slightly different
>>build scripts than the ones that will be in svn.  I think there was some
>>post-build processing done which included making fat swcs.  I will need
>>check and see if there was anything else done.
>In case anyone was wondering, there's an article here [1] that describes
>how to add asdocs to a swc.
>It's basically running asdoc tool with 2 extra arguments:
>    -keep-xml=true -skip-xsl=true
>No idea how to get the source attachment path (library path preferences)
>filled in though, which is what Justin was looking for.

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