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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Apache Flex namespace and build script changes
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 14:18:13 GMT

On 3/14/12 2 :25AM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:

>I made a couple of decisions in doing this that will probably generate
>some discussion.  The major one being the Apache Flex namespace.
>The flex-config.xml file has a new namespace added for Apache Flex:
>    <uri></uri>
>    <manifest>apache-manifest.xml</manifest>
>This means you will typical MXML file will start like this if you are
>using any of the new (or added in the future) components:
>	xmlns:fx=""
>	xmlns:s="library://"
>	xmlns:mx="library://"
>	xmlns:a="">
>Of course you can name the namespace something other than  "a" but that
>fits with the rest.

My inclination would have been "asf" rather than "a" but I am sure many
others have opinions.

>If anyone has any (even minor) issues with what I've done please either
>go ahead and change (if you're a committer) or speak up and I'll revert
>and/or fix as required.
>An issue I noticed right away in Flash Builder is that while auto
>completion does work ctrl click doesn't and tool tip help doesn't  show
>up. I assume the tool tip are generated from the ASDoc which explains
>that. The apach.swc source attachment (library path preferences)  is
>empty which explains the ctrl click but not sure how to make it non
>empty. Any ideas?

FlexBuilder uses fat swcs which include the Asdocs for that component.  I
just realized yesterday that this is something I/we will have to deal with
once we get all the code donated.  Here at Adobe, the fat swcs were
generated on the production build machine which has slightly different
build scripts than the ones that will be in svn.  I think there was some
post-build processing done which included making fat swcs.  I will need to
check and see if there was anything else done.



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