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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [MENTOR] question about code donation - modified code with Apache license
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 15:01:15 GMT

On 3/12/12 10 :49AM, "Greg Reddin" <> wrote:

>On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 9:44 AM, Carol Frampton <>
>> When donating Flex code, should the batik directory include all of the
>>batik 1.6 source files with the modification applied, or should it just
>>include the files that were modified? If the later the build would have
>>to download the distro, unzip it, apply the modification and the build
>>the jar.
>I would include all of the source files so it's easier for us to see
>exactly what we have.

I think this is the preferred method as well but it is a bit harder to
figure out the diffs from the original although a README would help.

>> In either case, is it okay to add the build jar file to svn so that it
>>doesn┬╣t have to be rebuilt?  When and if the sources are ever modified
>>again the jar can be updated.
>Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I think I'd rather see the source
>added with build instructions, than a binary.

The sources to build the jar will be in svn.  I was just trying to avoid
having to build the jar every build since it hasn't changed in 3 years.


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