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From Duane Nickull <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Missing Spark Components : Alert, ColorPicker, HDividedGroup, VDividedGroup
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2012 04:59:05 GMT
This is where I was going.  I wrote my own because the Adobe ones sucked
for mobile.

It comes down to this IMO.

User Interface:

- is the person familiar with RGB, et al value an can use sliders to
determine the value?
- does the user need to be guided by a better UI to find the colour.

To test what I did, download and install this Android app:

My UU is good for some but sucks for others.  I am not a wizard at Flex,
just some random Canadian Punk Rock guy who wishes t contribute. I am
thinking of this CP with an addition of the old MX CP style (maybe 16
colours at the bottom).

Of course, this is mobile specific.  For desktop, I would want more.  I am
almost thinking that is general, Flex mobile might be best a separate
component set than desktop..

Stupid Idea I know…….


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Adobe LiveCycle ES & Enterprise Specialist
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On 12-03-11 8:41 PM, "Ariel Jakobovits" <> wrote:

>Seems one could break the color selector down into a couple of
>1. Discrete set of color values
>2. A color range
>Either of these could be presented using a number of layouts, such as
>square, spiral, or line gradient, and a number of item renderers (maybe
>for discrete values only).
>So I can identify some properties such as:
>- layout
>- width
>- height
>- color range start and color range end, or
>- color values (array)
>- item renderer
>Then we can provide a useful collection of layouts and item renderers for
>mimicking some UIs found in popular programs or OSs.
>On Mar 11, 2012, at 6:00 PM, Duane Nickull <> wrote:
>> The MX color picker was okay but very hard to use on mobile.  Even if
>> scale it, it is hdd to predict the expansion of colors based on
>> vs. vertical.  To be honest, I like your idea.  The colour class logic
>> very simple (getColor, setColor).  The UI component maybe needs a
>> I purposely used sliders but found myself wishing I had pad more
>> attention in class to RGB nuances.
>> Let me work on an idea and I'll chuck it back.
>> D
>> ----------------
>> President/COO ­ Überity Technology Corporation
>> Adobe LiveCycle ES & Enterprise Specialist
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>> Twitter | @Uberity @duanechaos
>> On 12-03-11 3:51 PM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>> Having thought about the CP's for a while, I came to an opinion.  I
>>>> to think that the uber-does-everything color picker was probably the
>>>> best
>>>> idea. 
>>>> My gut feeling is having a few different colour classes might be the
>>>> ultimate answer and let users pick which ones they want.
>>> Perhaps a colour picker with plug in style colour selectors would be
>>> way to go?
>>> I also don't see any issue with a spark colour picker that's works in
>>> same way (as far as the user is concerned) to the mx colour picker
>>> we come come up with something better.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Justin

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