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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Add PostCodeValidator and PostCodeFormatter to the SDK
Date Fri, 09 Mar 2012 22:18:11 GMT
I didn't look at the code but I can tell you what the current style guides

An if statement should look like

    if (expression)

or if multiline

    if (expression)

and there should be a space after the "if".

This is not to open a debate on style - please don't.  I am just reporting
what is currently documented.


On 3/9/12 2 :30PM, "Martin Heidegger" <> wrote:

>*) The file headers say "Copyright Adobe Systems ... "
>*) Casting Booleans to Numbers ... I am not sure if I like that.
>*) I you have code without braces if() else I am not sure if that is
>okay in the current code conventionn.
>*) You mix tabs and spaces! (at many occasions) afaik its 4 spaces indent
>*) You mix "brace in new line" (left) with "brace in current line"
>(right), afaik its in the current line.
>*) You have string checks like "if(value)" this also checks on "" but
>that is actually a valid "format", right?
>*) if() { return ... } return; is less good readable compared to if() {
>return } else {return} again: Not sure what the style guide says.

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