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From Carol Frampton <>
Subject Re: Adobe Spark Components In Progress
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 22:48:44 GMT
On 3/1/12 3 :57PM, "Omar Gonzalez" <> wrote:

>Hi Carol/Alex,
>I updated the Missing Spark Components list with notes that s:Accordion
>s:AdvancedDataGrid are in awaiting review/donation. Are there others you
>could shed some light on that I can update on the list? I don't mean to
>detract your focus from your current work for the compiler, JIRA, etc, but
>if there are any off the tops of your heads that you can remember I'll add
>them to the list. I just don't know if that information is publicly
>Again I want to reiterate that I didn't make this list to try and apply
>pressure to get the current Spark work in progress ahead of more important
>things like compiler code and JIRA. I just thought it'd be good to start
>talking about which ones will actually require community effort if they're
>wanted or needed. I do appreciate the work you guys do.
>Omar Gonzalez
>Apache Flex PPMC Member

There is no s:AdvancedDataGrid.  New features were being added to

Completed or just about completed spark components and features but need
more testing:

skinnable ToolTip

DataGrid locked rows and columns
DataGrid multi-column sorting
DataGrid keyboard accessible column headers

We have a spark DateChooser which is about 85+% done.  Because of the
internationalization requirements we had it is quite complex but it is
highly customizable.  I am not sure this is what we want anymore or we may
want another one as well.

Other things on our list that were either not started or just got to the
prototype stage so we have nothing to give were:

Color Picker

DataGrid Drag and Drop
DataGrid Column Reordering with Drag and Drop
DataGrid Custom Indicators
DataGrid Column Backgrounds
DataGrid Column & Row Spanning
DataGrid Support on Mobile Platforms
DataGrid Grouped Column Headers

I think there is a list somewhere of more stuff that we considered but
knew we didn't have time for in the next release.  I'll try to dig that up
at some point.

As noted somewhere else, the spark text components were integrated with
TLF3.  I'm sure there are bug fixes in the branch as well that
we'll have to find and move to apache.


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